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Posthumous Tribute to "Efrain Recinos" in commemoration to his Death

The sky was conjugated as the aura colors, and that the presence of the Engineer Efrain Recinos teach us once more your style to make art. On Wednesday afternoon 2 October, the Second Meeting of the famous Art teacher posthumous anniversary Recinos, starting at the Chamber Theatre "Hugo Carrillo", this time with a discussion of the topic "Semiotics and Color ".

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A discussion of the topic "Semiotics and Color", of the work of Efraín Recinos was directed by Carlo Castillo, Edgar Hernández, Vasquez and Luis Aguilar Maugdo CUMES

The activity summarized the life and work of Efraín Recinos Engineer, panelists by experts in the field of art: Carlo Castillo, Edgar Hernández, Vasquez and Luis Aguilar Maugdo CUMES

The subject of semiotics developed with different concepts, integrating it with the study of color, Figures, lines, the design and composition of the murals, inter alia. It will take another century to be another Ephraim, Miguel Ángel Asturias o un Beethowen, since they have been unique in this world, Carlo Castillo reported.

In the frontispiece of the Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias" met officials from the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the National Theatre workers. Honor a minute applauded Ephraim and placed several wreaths at late master sculpture.

For me it is an honor to open this "Wreath". On behalf of this wonderful National Theatre, I share my nostalgia with each of you, family, friends and brothers, Hipolito said Maldonado Rocael, Director of the National Theatre.

The activity ended with an artistic meeting in the Chamber Theatre "Hugo Carrillo" where various artists such as Roberto Estrada, Andrea Ayala, Ana Iris Esposito and Valdes Zoël Group, supported the posthumous anniversary Efrain Recinos.

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The Ministry of Culture and Sports institutionalized "Artistic Encounter with Efrain Recinos" with the Ministerial Agreement Number 834-2013, in which states that each 2 October is commemorated, as a posthumous tribute, the date of his death.

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