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Today is night of Museums in the Historical Center

Hoy será noche de Museos en el Centro Histórico

Today is night of Museums in the Historical Center

As part of the activities held in the Historic Center Festival XV, today 16 August Guatemalan families can enjoy the magic of travel back through history, visiting buildings and museums that preserve art and cultural values ​​of the country.

The activity will start from five in the afternoon with an opening ceremony at the Museum of the University of San Carlos-MUSAC. The course is for participants from the 18:00 hours and ends- to 22:00. Visitors can move peatonalmente or buses on two routes North and South, they will approach their respective stops in each building visited.

Tonight attractive and innovative is the result of coordination between the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Museum of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, Guatemalan Tourism Institute-INGUAT- Municipality and the capital.

Attendees can visit the various places of importance of art and history of the areas 1 and 2; in each museum building will be surprises such as: tastings, marimba, exhibitions, music and other surprises.

Among the places that will be open to the public are:

National Palace of Culture, 6TAKE OFF. and 6th Street area 1: This night will be on display a replica of the Leyden Plate, which has a hieroglyphic inscription, being the last B'aktun long account 5,200 years of sacred Maya Calendar.

MUSAC, 9in. By. 9-79 area 1.

National Museum of History, 9on the street 9-70 area 1

Merced Museum, 11 By. 4-49 area 1

Holy Week Museum, 8will. By. 4-52 area 1

Archdiocesan Museum of Santiago de Guatemala, 7but. By. 6-73 area 1

Art Center, 9on the street 8-54 area 1

University Cultural Center, 2the. By. 12-40 area 1

Castillo Brothers House Alley, 2the. By. “A” 13-20 area 1

MIMA House, 8will. By. 14-12 area 1

Post and Telegraph Museum, 8will. By- 11-52 area 1

Bodegas Museum nineteenth century, 3out. By. North, Building the Zapote area 2

Railroad Museum, 9in. By. 18-03 area 1.

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