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Icon Historical Center Meets 70 years old


The 7 November 1980, the National Palace now known as the National Palace of Culture, was declared a Historic and Artistic Monument for its great cultural and architectural value, by Ministerial Decision No.. 880 the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

It was designed by architect Rafael Perez and inaugurated 10 November 1943, birthday of President Jorge Ubico shift. In time, The National Palace was built to the highest standards in materials and construction techniques.

With the experience gained after earthquakes 1917 and 1918, that destroyed part of the city of Guatemala, The National Palace was built with seismic design, allowing you to follow up to date, Index Mohamed Road, actual charge of the restoration of the building.

aniversario palacio nacional 09143For the National Palace of Culture can be restored and preserved, is necessary that Guatemalans are identified and appropriate the Palace as part of our identity and history, as the maintenance of the, It is not just the responsibility of government, said restoration expert.

Also, stressed that it is very important to create a strategy for facilities management and socialize with the general population, especially with new generations.

Besides being a symbol in the history of our country, It is a real gem full of details, in which they participated renowned artists of the time, tales as Alfredo Galvez Suarez, who did the murals that tell the history of our country since pre. Inside are more than 40 stained glass windows designed by the maestro Julio Vasquez Urruela.

Originally built in order to have a space for government offices, currently is the place where the Ministry of Culture and Sports works.

Day 7 November this year to commemorate the 70 anniversary and its declaration as a Historical and Artistic Monument, be carried out different artistic and cultural activities in the Patio de la Paz from the 16:00 hours.

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