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Second Meeting Mesoamerican Indigenous Artists

Leandro Yax, Viceministro de Cultura y Everardo Chuc, Director de Desarrollo Cultural y Fortalecimiento de las Culturas, dieron a conocer que Guatemala recibirá a cerca de 50 artistas indígenas de Centroamérica, México y Guatemala.

Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture and Everardo Chuc, Director of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures, Guatemala announced that they receive about 50 Indigenous artists in Central, Mexico and Guatemala.

The Second Meeting Mesoamerican Indigenous Artists, will be performing in the city of Guatemala, days 10 and 11 October, monitoring as part of the First International Exchange boosted Indigenous Artists Ministry of Culture and Sports-MCD- Civil and Indigenous Organization of Guatemala TIMACH Year 2011.

The activity is organized and coordinated by the Directorate General for Development and Strengthening Cultural Cultures-MCD-, who reported that in this meeting will be participating artists Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, southern Mexico and Belize. From Guatemala is expected the confluence of 20 artists, representing all linguistic communities, art connoisseurs, painting and dance, inter.

Now, indigenous artistic expressions, not been stimulated and promoted to draw out the cultural specialties of Peoples to whom belong; however, There is a wealth of initiatives and creations in the various artistic fields, that reflect their worldview, spirituality and forms of individual and collective life; in a nutshell, his nature and peoples.

The Ministry recognizes that Indigenous Peoples require regional or continental spaces to share their expressions art from the frame of their ancient culture and reinforce each other to transcend the local, national, Mesoamerican, continental and global, why is promoting this activity.

The Mesoamerican region is a territorial space where various peoples live Indigenous being carried rescue and display of items tangible and intangible cultural your region, which have not been sufficiently taken into account in policy, plans, programs and national development projects, despite national and international law in their favor.

With this meeting, seeks to promote the exchange and coordination of artistic expression level indigenous Mesoamerican.

The opening ceremony will be held at the Princess, 13 street 7-65, area 9, the 10 October at 9:00 a.m. And the closing will be the 11 October at 15:30 Hrs. Flags in the classroom, National Palace of Culture.

The Culture, engine of development!

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