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Religious Image "Virgin Mary".

Theft Report.

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Date of Theft: 28 August 2003

Place of Theft: Church of San Raimundo.

Object Type: Religious Image

Material: Wood and Glass

Technique: Carved Wood Picture Dress

Dimensions: Stop: 118 cms.

Title: Religious Image "Virgin Mary".

Topic: Religious

Period: XIX Century

Author: Anonymous.

Register: 1-5-19-1

DESCRIPTION: Image of clothing carved wooden figure of the Virgin Mary (in her title del Carmen, del Rosario, Candelaria) costume presents simulated, with a cord that encircles the waist. With hole to fit a child. Right knee flexion. Two vertical folds down from the neck of the robe that is round. By ago, the sculpture is flat from the waist. No hair, with glass eyes. The neck is tilted very slightly to his left shoulder. Articulated arms on shoulders and elbows. Octagonal pedestal put molding (except back).


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 31 not the picture

registrodebienes@hotmail.com and ObjectIDguate@hotmail.com



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