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Implementation Sport

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the procedure for delivery of Goods Implements?

  • Print from the portal application and fill MCD
  • Single window receives
  • Requirements are evaluated (Data Form, copy of DPI, copy of legal representation, DPI copy beneficiaries)
  • It produces a file number is assigned and delivered password citizen
  • Registration is produced in Database with No. Docket
  • Record passes Sport Implementation
  • Verifies Implementation: feasibility of the application and product stocks.
  • Implementation elaborates authorization form and moves on record system to address Substantive Areas
  • Admission procedures to address Substantive Areas
  • Substantive Areas Management places the Vo. Bo., and shifts in the System Address
  • Address for authorization passes and moves Sports Implementation
  • Implementation takes: requisition, letter of commitment, system authorizes passing Warehouse, citizen contacts.
  • Record passes Warehouse.
  • Warehouse prepares attachments, derecognised implements inventory system
  • Citizen receives implements after signing stationery
  • Issue a report of the authorized deployment, delivered or pending
  • Store moves file to implementation
  • Implementation archive file
  • Verify that the report issued by the Data Warehouse match Deployment
  • Implementation da end management system

2) What are the requirements for delivery of Sports Implementation?

1) Download application form and forms ID-2014 2) Legibly fill the application and forms of sports equipment 3) Control of beneficiaries by team (full names with CUI) 4) Attach to copy CUI list of each of the beneficiaries and the birth if minor 5) Submit a copy of the DPI of the person or legal representative 6) Application dated, department, municipality

3) What time delivery of Sports Implementation is done?

3) What time delivery of Sports Implementation is done? Of 9:00 am a 5:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4) Where applications are delivered?

4) Where applications are delivered: Stop shop located on the first level National Palace

5) To whom the request is directed?:

R / Al Director General of Sports

Who can collect sports equipment?

The person who requested the implements and if the person can not pick implements perform a proxy attaching the Unique Personal Identification Document (DPI) the person picking up the sports equipment.

7) How long is valid document after authorization to collect sports equipment?

15 business days

8) Where you can find application forms sports equipment?

official website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports www.mcd.gob.gt

9) How long does the process for delivering implementation?

15 business days

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