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Opens Community Academy of Drawing and Painting

Inauguracion de academia de arte santa elena_7934

Symbolic Court to open the new Academy of Arts in drawing and painting in Santa Elena Barillas, Villa Canales

In Santa Elena Barillas, municipality of Villa Canales, opened on 10 October, Community Academy of Arts of Drawing and Painting, which will work with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sports and the City. These schools aim to promote art and culture in communities nationwide.

The new academy, located on the school premises Santa Elena Barillas, comes to benefit hundreds of children, and to the youth of the town, that may participate in free courses in drawing and painting, taught by Francisco David Lopez, who reported that so far there are already enrolled an average of 350 students.

Mario Enrique Caxaj, Artistic Director of Training, thanked city officials prepared for the activity, by concert marimba and congratulated for their initiative López teacher, enthusiasm, patience and perseverance, encouraging him to move forward.

The inaugural activity was held at the Municipal Center of Santa Elena Barillas, with the assistance of 200 students from nearby schools, officials from the Ministry and the Municipality, as well as the Municipal Concert Marimba, to the delight of everyone.

Erick Pocasangre, mayor, fought to make possible the request of the Academy and the municipality and supports responsible with resources and space. With the support of the municipality of Villa Canales and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, teaching objectives will be achieved in the art of drawing and painting for children, youth and adults interested in learning, Jennifer Gómez INDICO, Community Coordinator Art Academies.

You and he continues promoting Ministry Schools Community Art nationally, for the purpose of providing learning spaces of different artistic fields, primarily for children and youth of the country.

The Culture, engine of development!

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