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Kilometer Zero Gallery Inaugurated

Administradora del Palacio Nacional y Viceministra de Cultura, re inauguraron la galería Kilómetro Cero.

Administrator and Deputy Minister of the National Palace of Culture, re opened the gallery Kilometer Zero.

Under the International Museum Day, the Ministry of Culture and Sports recently conducted the reopening of the Gallery, Experimental Space Museum and "Kilometer Zero", located in the courtyard of the National Palace of Culture.

The sample retained the collection of paintings and landscapes of the Directorate General of Culture and Arts. It includes an important selection of works of the most influential artists of the twentieth century Guatemalans in plastic as Ossaye, TUN, Diaz, Cabrera, Quiroa, Ruiz, Barrios and Mena, inter alia.

The purpose of this space is to enhance both artistic value, cultural and heritage is in Guatemala, Express Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture.

The name Kilometer Zero is because in the National Palace of Culture start counting mileage of roads in the country towards the four cardinal points. Symbolically stands in the hall of the Palace Receptions.

The exhibition can be visited on schedule 9 a 16 Hrs., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

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