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Inauguran Museo de Jade y Centro Cultural “El Remate”

In a formal ceremony held last 12 April, the first museum of jade and Cultural Center Petén, was opened by Jade Corporation and local authorities and departmental. This new cultural center is located at kilometer 30 Petén Flores-route, in the center of the village "The Attempt", next to the community hall.

The event was chaired by Marylou Ridinger, president and founder of Jade Maya, Raquel Perez, Maya Jade Corporation; Carlos Enrique Rodas, deputy mayor of El Remate; Armando Aragon, mayor of Petén Flores and Jose Pinto, Departmental Governor.

The museum displays over 50 replicas of original pieces from Guatemala and Mexico. Significantly, these replicas have the authorization of the Institute of Anthropology and History-IDAEH-, entity under the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

According Rosendo Rosales, founder of the World Convention of Guatemala Maya Archaeology, This exhibition is dedicated to the people of the village "The Attempt", to learn about the ancient Maya history through jade.

The community has high expectations about this museum and look forward to improvements in the economy of the town, Luis García expressed, representative of the village COCODE Attempt.

With a population of about one thousand 600 people, the 80% economic activity of this village is tourist, for which it is intended that the new museum is promoting local tourism and conservative Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

Services offered

The opening hours are Monday to Sunday 7:30 a 18:00 hours, the cost of admission is free for domestic and foreign. Also, Guided tours in Spanish and English will be taught through the facilities of this complex.

Another attraction of the museum is the continuous projection of documentaries Mayan worldview. A short-term, Special tours will be implemented for local schools, seeking to contribute to the educational training of children and youth. Similarly, looking to give lectures on Maya epigraphy.

About Jade

Jade was one of the most important elements for culture because it represents eternity and immortality, was also marketed by approximately 3 thousand years from Guatemala to the rest of Central American countries. Jade as an element of nature has a lifespan of nearly 400 thousand years.

The Culture, engine of development!

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