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Inaugurated V World Forum of Indigenous Entrepreneurs

empresarios indigenas_1885
empresarios indigenas_1885

The 29 October began the Global Forum of Indigenous Entrepreneurs in its fifth edition worldwide and first in Latin America and the Caribbean. This forum aims to raise awareness of global trends, promote entrepreneurship and the connection between the more than 5 thousand indigenous peoples around the world.

The inauguration was led by the President of the Republic of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina and the Minister of Culture and Sports Dwight Pezzarossi.

"We are very pleased realization, because such events allows the exchange of cultural experiences and knowledge, that become tools for indigenous business sector which will generate a significant result. This is an opportunity for those entrepreneurs who want to venture in this field strongly, to publicize their products, to exchange ideas and business strategies are successfully implemented in different parts of the world, "he emphasized, Dwight Pezzarossi Minister for Culture and Sports.

The forum has become the most important event to encourage businesses to indigenous peoples, connect with industry, government and the world. It focuses on interactive exhibits and practices, for global trends that suit the XXI century.

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