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Ini Cilc en Quetzaltenango

Actividad Cilca en el Teatro Municipal de Quetzaltenango.

Activity Cilca in Quetzaltenango Municipal Theatre.

Editing 22 International Congress of American Literature was inaugurated in the city of Quetzaltenango on Tuesday 25 March. The opening ceremony was held at City Hall, headed by the mayor Rolando Barrientos, before more than 30 Guatemalan and foreign writers. By the Ministry of Culture and Sports was attended by representatives of the Department Editorial Culture and Creativity Support.

Previo arriving at Quetzaltenango, the delegation attended the archaeological site Iximché, in Chimaltenango. In pre-Hispanic site was introduced Mayan Ball Game, by representatives of the Department of Sport and Recreation. Subsequently toured the site kakchiquel, where visitors were briefed on this site, belonging to the post-classic period of Mayan Culture.

The agenda of activities began on Wednesday Cilca 26 with the inaugural event held at the Municipal Theatre in Quetzaltenango, where the municipal council headed by Mayor, the solemn meeting devoted to the Congress. Subsequently the inaugural lecture was held by Roney Alvarado. This edition is dedicated to Cilca writer Humberto Ak'abal, as a tribute to his career.

The series of tables and talks opened with a talk given by writers Quetzaltenango Vania Lucia Vargas and Carmen Alvarado, The theme focused on Guatemalan literature and poet Roberto Monzon. Subsequently, a talk by Javier Payet was performed, entitled "Notes to assemble Frankenstein". Activities take place at the House of Culture in Quetzaltenango, House Noj Red Café and restaurant. Congress ends on Friday 28 March.

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