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Start Gastronomic Festival "Conoco mi Culture" in community Xinko.

In order to promote ancestral manifestations, the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures inaugurated on Saturday 9 August Food Festival "Meet My Culture". The ceremony was held in the Las Lomas community, Township Chiquimulilla, department of Santa Rosa. This region belongs to the linguistic community Xinka, settled here since pre-Hispanic times.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice Minister of Culture Clariza Castellanos, representing the Minister for Culture and Sports, Carlos Batzin. Speaking, the official said: "We are celebrating declared by the United Nations as the national and international day of indigenous peoples day and it really is important that you are part of this festival, we must rescue the language, dress and must be united through culture ".

During the inauguration typical dress gave Xinka youth organization. "Among the activities we have scheduled delivery of apparel for women and men, because we see the need to strengthen the identity of the people Xinka. We promote cultural development through this very important element, "said the Deputy Minister.

This festival strengthens indigenous cultures comprehensive level, as it promotes coexistence and dynamic and active learning through speaking and the projection of their core values ​​and culinary practices.

The project will continue on Saturday 16 August in San Pedro La Laguna, Solola; Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, y Lívingston, Izabal.

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