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Culture and Sports, Guatemala y China (Taiwan)

Intercambio Cultural y Deportivo, Guatemala y China (Taiwán)690
Intercambio Cultural y Deportivo, Guatemala y China (Taiwán)690

Joy, emotion and knowledge sharing cultural and sporting facilities are breathing in the Champ de Mars, Tuesday 13 August, when a group of young people from China (Taiwan) and Guatemala, exhibited representing each country sports.

In a friendly, Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture, Paul welcomed Hui, First Secretary of the Embassy of China Taiwan and the group of young ambassadors, who acknowledged his interest in learning about Guatemalan culture and sport. As a gesture of friendship, received the implements to play Woodball (Taiwan traditional Chinese game).

The Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation through its program and Indigenous Traditional Games, introduced the ancient Mayan ball game, one of the manifestations of the Maya, he had a sense of ritual in which the warriors showed their power and grace; established as a National Cultural Heritage, by Ministerial Agreement 493-2005.

The Chinese Embassy Taiwan made The Wood Ball, a ball game that belongs to the disciplines that compete in the Asian Beach Games since 2008.

You use a wooden mallet to move a ball through doors. It is practiced on grass, the indoor arena, with teams of 2 a 4 Players. The goal is to complete 12 doors, or a certain number of gates. As in the Golf, the player completing doors fewest strokes wins the match.

Culture, engine of development!

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