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Invite exhibition of the National Commission for Sport and Recreation

At a press conference, authorities that make up the system of Physical Culture in Guatemala, including the Ministry of Culture and Sports, unveiled details of activities to be held in the Expo-Conader 2014 to be held on 12 of 13 of September at the Champ de Mars, area 5.

The information was disclosed by Francisco Ardon, Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation; Gerardo Aguirre, President of the Comité Olímpico Guatemalan; Denis Alonzo, President of the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala; Dwight Pezzarossi, Presidential Chief of Sport; Ignacio González, Conader and CEO Gabriel Sagastume, Director of Communication CONADE. Authorities also presented the official clothing for this exhibition.

The activity will be sporting exhibitions, recreational activities, theater, aerobics and zumba classes, inter. It will open to the public at 8:00 hours and will close at 16:00 hours.


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