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IqIq’. Is the wind and life. Nawal is the unit. It is the day of the Heart of Heaven and Earth Heart. It is the sacred breath air and giving strength and life. On this day we ask the wind to carry the suffering or disease of the person.

Iq’. It means air and breath of life. Also, is the nawal of Junraqan (Hurricane) turned into tornado. Chargers is one of the Time. This is, also, the breath of the person. It is the sacred breath, soft and gentle cleansing of the body, of mind, the spirit and emotions. It is the invisible space between matter. Is one of the natural phenomena which occurs.

The child born in Iq 'is a child who does everything but comes to nothing. It is like the air we touch and drag everything in its path. Can build but also destroys.

Spiritual function
It is auspicious day to perform ceremonies to the spirit of air or wind.
Day to treat respiratory diseases, psychological and emotional.
Day invocation so that air does not destroy the crops.

Characteristic of a person born in Iq '
Its origin is Ix and destiny is Tz'i '.


  • Can adapt to any situation.
  • It has physical strength.
  • Es soñador and imaginative.
  • May have futuristic ideas.
  • No scares almost nothing.

Possible Weaknesses

  • Of strong character.
  • It may be insecure and impulsive.
  • You can fall into infidelity with her partner,
  • You may experience some social and economic problems.
  • I love saying things directly.

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