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/Balam. It is the symbol and energy of Mother Earth. Represents ceremonial centers or places where ceremonies take place. Are the hills, Mountain, the plains. Means Jaguar.

I’x. Represents the Mayan altar or the tab'al. It is a special day to order the lives of both domestic and wild animals. Ajaw It asks a good harvest of any crop, especially of vegetables. On this day candles are lit green, because they symbolize the color of Mother Earth.

I’x, means guardian of the mountain. It is the nawal of the hills. Nawal is also the spiritual Strengths.

Spiritual function
Promotes spiritual and physical energy.
Invocation by rain.
Invocation for the life of animals.
Day invocation health of all humanity.
Day for invocations to plantings are protected from animals.

Characteristics of a person born in Ix
Its origin and mission Keme, Iq’.


  • Is patient, strong, responsible, brave, respectful, vigorous and daring.
  • It is decisive and realistic.
  • It is a good heart.
  • Good parent.
  • You can be a leader and famous if you know channeling their energies.

Possible Weaknesses

  • You could have a strong character.
  • Sometimes angry and impatient.
  • Your character can make arrogant, proud, choleric, serious and vengeful.

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