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Tight Ties Japan Friendship with Guatemala

Strengthening ties of friendship, the Embassy of Japan and the Symphonic Band Guatemala City, were present the 17 July in the Theatre House "Hugo Carrillo", to showcase the musical exchange Japan-Guatemala, within the framework of cultural activities since 2006 have been carried.

The opening of this event was opened by the Ambassador of Japan in Guatemala, Teruaki Nagasaki and acting mayor of Guatemala, Ricardo Quinonez, also presided over the event the Director of Education and Culture of the Municipality of Guatemala, Mary Crest Foncea.

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Japan has been supporting the country in different priority areas, but we have also committed resources to the promotion of art and culture, because we know that strengthens the spirit, increases self-esteem among the population and reflects the identity of a people, INDICO Nagasaki.

Also, the Embassy of Japan supports cultural cooperation with projectors through the Ministry of Culture and Sports. In infrastructure construction stands Conservation and Research Center Tikal CCIT and Visitor Center Kaminaljuyu.

The Symphonic Band conducted by Maestro Fernando Ozaeta, played the popular music of Japan as, Kojo no Tsuki (The moon over the ruined castle), Develop (Cherry Blossom), Furusato (Mi Pueblo). These songs were written from the late Meiji era (year 1868-1912) until the middle of the Showa era (year 1926-1989) and all were chosen within 100 Selected songs from Japan.

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Also could not miss the musical pieces Guatemalan land as the Railroad of High, Waltz "among Ruins Moon Night" and Rio Polochic, they did vibrate the audience with the charm of the 48 young people who were on the scene. With so much joy and cheer, the audience requested a song "Looking Upward", with which the event ended.

I do not want to mention that our musical exchange is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias" said Nagasaki.

Culture, engine of development!

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