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Jesus Before Caiaphas and the Denial of Peter

Jesús ante Caifás y la negación de Pedro

Date of Theft: 5 February 2014

Place of Theft: Calvary Church, Old Guatemala City, Sacatepequez, Guatemala.

Object Type: painting

Material: Tela y Oleo

Dimensions: Stop 251 cms. Long 521 cms.

Title: Jesus before Caiaphas and the Denial of Peter

Topic: Religious

Time: Hispanic

Period: XVIII Century, year 1737

Author: Tomas de Mer

Technique: Oil on canvas

DESCRIPTION: Pintura al oleo en tela, de formato rectangular, a scene inside a palace seen, on the left side of the viewer male characters in the first profile and other armor with red and blue robes with arms outstretched, on par with a log spiral columns located (gimped) and a character standing on a carpet has a beard and his hands in front of chest with red tunic and white mantle, pace of this scene a man with white robe and blue cloak and held by men chained, on the right side of the viewer in the bottom three men are located in front of flames, in the right corner men standing in armor.

Register of Cultural Properties. / General Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports. References: National Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala.

Number of inventory CNPAG-BM-ESCAG-IV-11-4

Report: Register of Cultural Property #188


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