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Young Guatemalan wins competition “Music Teacher”

Today, the Organization of Ibero-OEI- in Guatemala, announced the winner of the contest Guatemalan "Music Master", released simultaneously in 22 Member countries of Latin America, in coordination with the Ministries of Education and Culture of every country, through the offices of the OEI.

The Guatemalan winner is Jose Rodrigo Maldonado Morales, percussionist 15 years old, He's played with the National Symphony Orchestra, Municipal Youth Orchestra of Guatemala and marimba groups, among other artistic interests. Activity, OEI also awarded the 2nd. and 3rd. place in the contest, Favio young Roberto Perez Molina and Marcelo Villagran.

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Maldonado will travel to Panama in September to participate with the youth orchestra of young musicians from Panama and Latin America, where will be held the XXIII Latin American Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture XVI Iberoamerican Conference.

In Guatemala the call was launched in April in conjunction with the Ministry of Education-MOE-, Ministry of Culture and Sports-MCD- and OEI, inviting young musicians between 15 a 18 years to participate.

To enroll, young people filled out a registration form OEI, Guatemala office, hung on its website and sent a link to the video will be evaluated on You tube they went running your instrument.

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Later applicants held auditions at the National Conservatory Germán Alcántara, running two tunes of your choice (a sad and a happy) and excerpts from the opera "Carmen" by Georges Bizet. The auditions were judged by a committee of master musicians of great experience.

The story of the opera "Carmen" is set in Seville, Spain, circa 1820 and starring Carmen, beautiful gypsy girl with a fierce temper, Love seduces you with her after Don Jose, inexperienced soldier, whose jealousy leads to murder.

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The OEI is an important ally for the Ministry, joint activities to promote the Guatemalan culture. Currently underway culture satellite account, that will reveal the contribution of culture to the gross domestic product of the country GDP, among other alliances, indicó Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture.

Culture, engine of development!

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