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"Kaminaljuyu", was the following path B'aktun Oxlajuj

As part of the activities of Oxlajuj B'aktun, the first city in the highlands "Kaminaljuyu" became the day 21 August at the meeting point to wait for the change was, event announced by our Mayan ancestors provided according to the Mayan Calendar for the next 21 December. The activity was conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, thus aims to prepare and encourage people to be part of this great change.

“Kaminaljuyu”, fue la siguiente ruta del Oxlajuj B´aktun

"Kaminaljuyu", was the following path B'aktun Oxlajuj

With a Mayan Ceremony by Juan Chiriz, spiritual guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, were asked about the welfare of the personal life, Community, national and international; were provided offerings of various kinds to ask Mother Earth, the ancestors special permission to perform the artistic and cultural event in this sacred place for spirituality contemporary Maya, which currently perform rituals to communicate with the Creator and Maker Ajaw.

Kaminaljuyu ruta del Oxlajuj B´aktun

Kaminaljuyu ruta del Oxlajuj B´aktun

The event was attended by the head of the ministry of culture, Carlos Batzin; the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rita Claverie; Deputy Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax; the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, María Rosa Chan; Kaminaljuyu Project Director, Barbara Arroyo and the Director of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism, Pedro Duchez; and counted with the participation of citizens.

Culture Minister said it is a must to contribute to the culture of peace time, contribute to the consolidation of democracy and create a participatory culture. "The arrival of the new era is a very significant event because nature is regenerating; is a time to look for respect, balance and harmony ", concluded Batzin.

The Ministry of Culture and Sport strengthens and promotes the cultural values ​​of Guatemala and activities of this category shows the world how complex and deep the Maya Culture.

Originally the first city in the Altiplano had 200 mounds, although today only preserved 33, which 12 found in the archaeological site. Kaminaljuyu is a word K'iche 'meaning: "Hill of the Dead", named for Antonio Villacorta 1936. In this site found graves and vases and other pieces that once put as offerings to the tombs.

Here is presented an audio file regarding the issue of where Oxlajuj Baktun was a guest to the Minister of Culture and Sports Lic. Carlos Batzin

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