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KatK’at. It is related to the word which means burning k'atik. Fire Command and network. In the ritual of the day referred to as time tangling and untangling. Is that tangles and untangles life.

K’at. It saves the network where the cob. The network with which fishing. The network where the fish die. It means lack of freedom captivity. Sign oppression exerted on a community.

K’at. It is the bracero trastecito or they give you one when you get the Pisom Q'aq'al or Holy Rod. For those born in K'at, in Mayan spirituality, are advised to visit the Ajq'ij every twenty days to make your ceremony. Otherwise, can have many tangles in the way, at work and in life.

Spiritual function
You can ask for the release of a prisoner.
Request for smooth delivery.
Day of the development and research of science.
Day to fix emotional problems and love.

Characteristics of a person born in K'at:
Its origin and destination Ajmaq, And.


  • Sincere and orderly.
  • You can be a leader.
  • It can be a very lucky person in economic.
  • Spiritual Guide can be.
  • Very active and curious.
  • You can remember things easily.
  • It can be very blunt in his decision.

Possible Weaknesses

  • You can fall into the gossip and anger.
  • It may be nervous.
  • You can easily miss things.
  • You may be prone to bad influences.
  • You can fall in individualism
  • You can fall into elorgullo.
  • With tendency to get into other people's problems.

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