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kawoqKawoq. It is the nawal of women as a midwife. It is the day of the Rod Spiritual, the Pisom Q'aq'al. Is the lightning. It is the duality of the sacred fire in terms of Mayan spirituality. It is the day of the community, family, group and society. It is the energy that makes the rain to give us good crops, mainly corn.

Provides capacity and ability to heal and guide. It is the energy that powers the Spirit Guides. Maintains energy and fertility. It is a day of great relationship with Mother Earth and the elements to provide wisdom for management of medicinal plants. Facilitates care unit and family. It is the day of woman as wife and mother within the home heating. It is also a special day for the full realization of women in the community and society.

Spiritual function
Therapist Day (arranging the Bones) and the midwife.
One day to treat diseases.
Day to call for the family (home) and community.
One of the special days for rain.
Day to call for children to be born with physical defects do not come.

Characteristics of a person born in Kawoq
Its origin is Batz 'and their fate is Queh


  • It is balanced and loving.
  • Lives and works for his family.
  • If female, can be midwife
  • It can become Spiritual Guide.
  • It is good communicator and speaker.

Possible Weaknesses

  • You can fall into the anger.
  • Sometimes it is haunted by the problems and lawsuits.
  • Not very lucky in love.
  • You can blame everything that happens.
  • Very talkative.
  • You can put in where it is called.

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