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The nawal of Kej is very masculine and if a woman is born on this day, has the character and strong voice and is a manly way.

Kej: Deer symbolizes, four bras, the four pillars, ie the four cardinal points. It is strong and good day. It is a day that crushes. It is a day that shows their strength and power.

Those born on this day: are of strong character and possess physical strength. They are good defenders others, but they can not defend themselves. They can be rich and have many goods. generally in good health do not get sick as easily.

Kej: They are the four cardinal points holding the world; Man sustains life. Those born on this day are walkers and have luck in business.

Kej: It is the day on which forces are asked, strengthening, hardening, for one to be hard, when illnesses aguantador, knocking, Reviews, how hard you hold life. Those born in Kej could be good Mayan spiritual guides.


  • The Mayan cross.
  • The four cardinal points.
  • The four mainstays of the earth.
  • Nawal defenders.
  • The four colors of the energies.
  • Horse, force, aguantador.

Possible Strengths

  • Buenos defenders
  • They have wealth
  • In good health
  • They are good spiritual guides
  • They are very sociable
  • They are strong, Smart, responsible, positive and successful.
  • In marriage they are very balanced

Negative features

  • You can do wrong with their thinking
  • It has a strong character
  • can be very compulsive
  • They like the popularity and power
  • could be autocratic, handlers etc..
  • They like the comfort
  • They are very reserved
  • Authoritarian
  • often demanding
  • They like sink and crush people.
  • They may be fools

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