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kemeKeme. It is the symbol of death. Symbol of the final dissolution of all things, good and bad. And owl means death. It is the rebirth. Meaning is expressed through the sacred grains tz'ite 'or Pito Palo. It is auspicious day to pray for the health of patients and to make offerings because the business progresses.

Keme. Is the energy of the people who die naturally. You can force a person to subtract or strengthen. Predicts good and bad. Is communication with grandmothers and grandfathers through bait candles offered in ceremonies. Prudence and protection to prevent accidents. It is the Supreme Judge of all things. Nawal of disease and death.

Spiritual function
It is a good day for business.
Special day to communicate with the ancestors.
Strengthening of life.
Day for protection in travel.
Day to counter diseases.

Characteristics of a person born in Keme:
Its origin and destination Tijax, I’x.


  • You can be a doctor.
  • It is strong against his enemies.
  • It is smart, respectful and safe.
  • It can be controlled.
  • You can develop clairvoyance skills.

Possible Weaknesses

  • You can have a quick temper.
  • Prone to suicide.
  • Can suffer greatly by not fulfilling its obligations with Mother Nature.
  • You may have tendencies to lying and infidelity with her partner.

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