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The call for the VIII National Theatre Festival ends 31 December

Since 11 November this year the call is open to directors, domestic producers and theater groups, to participate in the VIII National Theatre Festival, which will take place from 3 to the 13 April of year 2014.

The festival venue is the Teatro Hugo Carrillo House Cultural Center Miguel Angel Asturias. According to Luis Román, This is the eighth festival where both the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the National Theatre and The RED Guatemalan theater unite to present plays, dance, puppet with a high artistic level. The works have been presented in previous festivals are not only the capital but also participate exponents hinterland.

One of the main requirements to be met by those interested in participating is to have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in theater.

The theme of the works is free and theatrical proposals may be foreign or domestic authors. The festival is aimed at all audiences with theatrical performances in its various forms of expression.

During the festival shows are made, talks, workshops and conferences in which participants may attend the festival for free. Also, during the days when the festival takes place, RED Guatemalan Theatre will power, transportation and accommodation to no more theater groups 10 people who come from the departments other than that of Guatemala. The answer of the call will be 13 January of the year 2014.

For those interested in the details of the call you can find it on the website of MCD: www.mcd.gob.gt or they can communicate via e-mail at: gared.teatro@yahoo.com.

Convocatoria Festival Nacional de Teatro

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