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"Culture generates income and employment in all its forms"

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has as main objective to strengthen and promote the Guatemalan identity and the culture of peace in the context of diversity, and the promotion of intercultural, by protecting, promoting and disseminating the values ​​and expressions of the people who make up the nation. In this regard, responsible for that portfolio, Carlos Batzin, share how they have been these first two years in his management of the portfolio in question.

What have been the achievements in his first two years in charge of the portfolio of Culture and Sports?

The Ministry has undertaken a working approach, which is manifested by strengthening programs that are meaningful to the country, particularly for economic development, political, social and cultural.

Our proposal was aimed particularly at the tone of a multicultural society, and that somehow our work is in coordination with the 3 pacts central government. That has, we can mention specific actions in the Heritage Pact, where the visit has significantly increased domestic and foreign tourists to the country's archaeological sites. This is evident because, with the same income, restoration of those places is 40 percent higher than that recorded in the previous government.

This has not only been beneficial for parks, but also for the knowledge of students, community leaders and local authorities, and municipal corporations, to which it has provided the opportunity to visit these parks with specific guidance. This has generated, among other things, research by students or programs knowledge of our culture.

What progress there on the subject of art?

Our main achievement has been the regulation of employment contracts for teachers, who, by 80 percent, they became permanent lines. We have begun popular seasons with the Symphony Orchestra, This has allowed us to reach most of the country. To mention some places, we have carried Petén, Chimaltenango, Quetzaltenango, Suchitepéquez, Huehuetenango and Solola.

The other artistic expressions, as the Ballet Guatemala, Folk and Concert Marimba, knowledge are in contact with the population and. By the time they are in producing records by local authors, themed marimba little known.
Has also increased the number of beneficiaries in art schools, by 20 percent. Now we 10 thousand students therein, in different branches. This is significant, found for values ​​that could lift up the name of Guatemala in different activities abroad, which we want to strengthen a scholarship program next year.

In the aspect of development of cultures, how they have advanced?

We have identified a number of cultural relations, which are made to strengthen. Met 3 titles Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, including food included, Garifuna culture and dance, which will have a significant contribution of the Ministry in the next 2 years old, to strengthen. The dance theme, A'Patch was awarded this title at world level. These achievements allow us to identify more meaningful expressions for the Guatemalan identity. In the case of the Popol Vuh, We were responsible for raising it as National Heritage. The first step is to find the Unesco recognizes it as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

How does culture participates in economic development?

The culture does not come only in certain sectors. We must instill all artistic and cultural expressions that have, and they now dominate as new technology, new creations of cultural industries, which have become a chore of the communities 4 'Maya villages, ladino, xinca and Garífuna, and that somehow are a way of life for them, but have not been supported in its distribution, in their dignity or the launch microcredit for marketing.

So we promoted the program creates and recreates, consisting in organizing cultural venues and festivals, where it facilitates the preparation and organization, technical assistance and physical space for business in the field. It has been sold in a day than previously achieved in 6 months, as producers.

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