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The National Newspaper "Lic. Clemente Marroquín Rojas "Held 54 Years of his Foundation

The 23 October 1960 por iniciativa of periodista Rigoberto Bran Azmitia, He founded the National Newspaper, later in the year 1978 He was named "Mr.. Clemente Marroquín Rojas ", who was a pioneer of modern journalism in our country.

54 aniversario Hemeroteca Nacional_1398To celebrate 54 years of its foundation took place on the premises of the National Newspaper a memorial, in which participated the Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi, accompanied by the Director of that institution and journalist Maria Eugenia Gordillo.

The National Newspaper of Guatemala is one of the largest and most comprehensive newspaper archives throughout Latin America and the world, therein are retained over 200 years of our history to date, printed sheets daily, magazines and a number of publications that circulated sometime in Guatemala and other countries in the region.

The leader of the portfolio of Culture and Sports expressed his gratitude to all those who work directly and indirectly with the National Newspaper, its Director and who believe in the culture of the country. After completing his post Pezzarossi toured the facilities of the place.

The Director of the Newspaper thanked all the participants and especially to Mr. Paul Dougherty, founder of the association "Friends of the Newspaper", entity for more than 14 years has worked selflessly to the recognition and protection of this place that is a source of historical and cultural wealth for the country.

The event was also attended the "Chronicler of Guatemala City" Miguel Alvarez, who gave a brief history of the National Newspaper, sharing data on how the idea of ​​creating a newspaper library in the country and the people involved in its creation arose.

The National Newspaper is an autonomous institution in the year 2003 was declared the "Cultural Patrimony of the Nation", It is located in the building of the National Library "Luis Cardoza y Aragón". She attended by people of all ages, from researchers and students to individuals seeking information on any historic event in our country. The opening hours to the public from 9:00 a 17:00 Monday to Friday and entry is free.

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