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The National Newspaper recognizes the Journalistic Work

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hemeroteca EU_0577

On Monday 24 November at the "Luis Cardoza y Aragón" Cultural Center of the Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala, held a ceremony to commemorate the "Day of the Journalist", which is celebrated in our country 30 November each year.

This event was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the National Newspaper "Luis Cardoza y Aragón" the Ministry of Culture and Sports, collaboration with the Seminary of Mexican Culture and the Embassy of Mexico.

María Eugenia Gordillo director of the Newspaper highlighted the importance of the role played by the media in our country, and the work of journalists and the news media were honored during the evening.

Castellanos Clariza Deputy Minister of Culture also congratulated the journalists and media winners, for his outstanding career and for the great contribution that provides journalism to strengthen and spread the culture of the country. In the event gave recognition to distinguished journalists 2014, Claudia Mendez Arriaza, Pedro Antonio García Urrea and Saul Ramirez.

United Stations, Departmental newspaper La Prensa, Diario La Hora and School EAS Times Newspaper, media were also were honored. Before completing the event there was an art at which participated the Soprano Isis Pineda, the countertenor Joam Zamora and Teacher Concertante Vinicio Quezada, who delighted the audience, with melodies played.

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