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The magic of Nesma Abdel Aziz captivated at the National Conservatory of Music

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Directorate General of Arts and the Egyptian Embassy in Guatemala presented last Friday 27 February at the National Music Conservatory of Egyptian marimbista, Alnakhel Abdel Aziz, within the month of the marimba and Guatemala Latin American Capital of Culture.

The artist is famous for being the woman who made popular the marimba in Egypt. During his presentation, the artist created a mixture of light versions of songs and melodies Egyptian famous by some of his most iconic singers, as well as international issues such as Ojos Así Colombian singer Shakira. The jazz, The bossa nova and Egyptian folklore mingle in his show. The sound and bodily expressions of the artist formed an amalgam that captivated the audience.

One of the most captivating moments of the evening was when the Egyptian artist invites the stage the teacher Fernando Vasquez, member of the Marimba Concert of Fine Arts and interpreted together Moon Xelajú the immortal Paco Perez. The audience cheered the combined share of such prominent artists.

Accompanied by six musicians and leading the marimba, Nesma demonstrated how various genres can be adapted to the instrument. "I started playing at an early age, my parents gave me a small xylophone at four years and since then love for the sound grew, The marimba is an instrument of light that produces a warm and a sound that comes from the heart, It is a simple and elegant instrument ” Egyptian marimbista said during a press preview at the National Palace of Culture.

January, the artist participated in the Sharjah World Music Festival, and his performance was obtained which best reviews by the critics and the media. His show, where the marimba is the central instrument, is accompanied by six musicians, that provide a framework instrument and performer starring in a duel of percussion with his drummer.

A star in Egypt

Nesma Abdel Aziz had his first music lesson basic to 12 years old, in his hometown Cairo, Egypt. Later he continued his studies; Some scholarships took her to Germany and EE. UU. Some years ago Nesma was the principal percussionist of the Cairo Opera House. In 2000 founded the first Egyptian assembly for marimba and percussion, called Nesma Group.

The Deputy Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Egypt with honored guests and the general public enjoyed Nesma Abdel concert in Guatemala, the first was held at the Chamber Theatre Hugo Carrillo Thursday 26 and the second at the National Conservatory of Music, Germán Alcántara, Friday 27 February.

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