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The Marimba Tecomates is declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation

Además de los Tecomates, se puede observar los detalles en madera que posee esta marimba.

Besides Tecomates, you can see the wood details that owns this marimba.

"The Marimba with Double Resonance Tecomates box" of the Guatemalan Association of Authors and Composers (AGAYC) was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, according to the Ministerial Decision No.. 246-2014, issued by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and published in the Official Journal last 17 April.

This marimba Cultural Patrimony of the Nation declared to be a capital asset with a high historical value, artistic and cultural, also has unique parts and artistically carved elements, which are part of the cultural identity of Guatemalan artists, According detailing.


Made in the year 1951 by Filiberto Lopez, eminent marimbista and marimbero, "The Marimba Tecomates" entertained clubs and dance halls of the capital city in the early 50, changing owners several times, until the year 1982 -coinciding with the founding year of the School of Marimba AGAYC- was acquired by the Association and until today the conserved.

Vitellius Sources, Marimba Technical Education and professor of the School of Marimba AGAYC, explained that the declaration is of paramount importance, since that marimba is unique in its kind and form part of the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, new generations will appreciate this instrument features Mayas, which was made the traditional way, giving that peculiar sound in your notes.

From now, the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, shall adopt the measures of protection, conservation, safeguarding, restrictions, prohibitions and other provisions which shall be subject to "La Marimba Tecomates".

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