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The new science approaches Maya Worldview

He doctor Daniel Matula, he gave a lecture at the Great Hall of Mayalamax Museo del Mundo Maya Merida, Yucatán, during the third edition of the International Festival of Mayan Culture "Architecture in the weather and landscape Mayab.

The speaker raised a spiritual architecture in the new century 21, he says we are in a great transformation worldwide, that the experts speak of a new era and not a time of change. Apparently it is nearing the end of rationalist civilization, agrees that different manifestations of the new science of life, it is about the Mayan worldview.

The speaker, is also, law degree, has a Master of Public Administration, a PhD in Sociology, He is President of the Guatemalan Maya League, writes about the Mayan culture, among his books are: We're Alive, We are one heart, Maya Worldview, Fibers of the Heart, The Galactic Poem 13 B´aktun, Identity and Culture Maya, We Used Clothes.

To be in Yucatan Matul, represents an emotion, a passion to reclaim all assets and knowledge of Mayan Culture. "We are proud to represent Guatemala in an international event like this", concluded.

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