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La Piedad

La piedad

Date of Theft: 5 February 2014

Place of Theft: Calvary Church, Old Guatemala City, Sacatepequez, Guatemala.

Object Type: painting

Material: Tela y Oleo

Dimensions: Stop 246 cms. Long 329 cms.

Title: La Piedad

Topic: Religious

Time: Hispanic

Period: XVIII Century

Author: Tomas de Mer

Technique: Oil on canvas

DESCRIPTION: Pintura al oleo en tela, de formato rectangular, outside scene shown in a field, on the left side of the viewer lying male character up with red robe and green mantle of a woman inclined longhair kissing the hand of a male character up lying bleeding with white blanket held by a woman in a red robe and blue cloak that observed on the right side of the viewer a kneeling woman crying with both hands covering his face in the bottom pole is located a ladder and a city where the roofs of the towers are observed.

Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports. References: National Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala.

Number of inventory CNPAG-BM-ESCAG-IV-11-6

Report: Register of Cultural Property #190


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