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The "Route Gukumatz" enhances the Modern Heritage Guatemala

The wealth of architecture and plastic works exhibited in public spaces were the focal point of the "Ruta del Gukumatz" which transited for the first time on Friday 20 May, from the 10 hours. East, according to Dr. Raul said Monterroso, Director of Broadcasting Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, was a tour designed with a view to raise awareness about the importance of the Modern Heritage. Also, points: "It seeks to promote the idea of ​​using public space for cultural activities, through processes which strengthen identity ".

The route was designed by the architect Alvaro Monterroso and Veliz, Director of the Cultural Centre "Miguel Angel Asturias". It was held in the framework of the Week of Museums and is in line with the call of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), which this year placed special emphasis on Cultural Landscapes.

The meeting point was the Plaza Maya, Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias". From there, se dirigió a la Municipalidad de Guatemala, the headquarters of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS), the Bank of Guatemala and the National Mortgage Credit (CHN). Monterroso said: "The idea was to raise awareness about the integration of plastic architecture and how it generates the only Civic Center Urban Landscape".

Centro Cívico

Guatemala Civic Center

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