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The Brave, independent book festival

The Festival of the Book "The Brave", dedicated to alternative publishing and reading promotion, was carried out at the premises of the French Alliance area 13, the 24 to the 29 June, with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCD).

During this week, the festival had a total of 5 workshops with various topics such as the design of independent publications and the development of craft bound, inter alia. Also, was attended by Javier Payet, Unit Manager Support Creativity (CREA) MCD, who gave the theme "The ABCs of Writing".

Mishad Orlandini, General Coordinator of the Festival Express: "With this festival we want to create a space to make visible alternative to independent writers and publishers that are emerging in Guatemala, also want to create separate texts packages to donate to libraries ".

"The Ministry of Culture and Sports plays a very important role because it is supporting the creation of the Ex Libris Association which is the platform on which you are organizing these activities, also have the support for the development of CREA one Fanzine Sherpa memory that the festival "said Orlandini. A fanzine is a kind of informal publication of brief circulation, and could be considered a hybrid of magazine and book.

To close the festival 27 to the 29 June, an expo-sale that started the gallery and lobby of the enclosure with the participation of independent publishers offered books and publications from Q10.00 to Q300.00 was performed.

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