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Launch the 5th. Global Forum of Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Empresario Indigenas 311
Empresario Indigenas 311

Convened by the Organizing Committee of the Global Forum of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, Minister of Culture and Sports with Don Tomas Calvo maximum Indian National Authority, President of Chamber of Commerce and the Leadership Development Institute Indian ILDII, made today the Official Launch of the 5th World Forum on Indigenous Entrepreneurs Guatemala 2014.

The forum is an initiative of the Leadership Development Institute Indian ILDII based in Canada, to date it has become the most important event to promote indigenous business, connect with industry, government sector and the world. It focuses on interactive exhibits for practical results in participants, meet global trends that suit the XXI century, promote entrepreneurship in indigenous and connection among more than 5,000 Village of the world.

For the importance of this great event for indigenous peoples worldwide and to Guatemala, we are pleased to inform the world that the 28 to the 30 October 2014 in Guatemala City will be held the 5th World Forum on Indigenous Entrepreneurs Guatemala 2014, at the Westin Camino Real. In which there will be more than 30 renowned speakers and representatives of indigenous peoples worldwide. Entities as he ILDII, the Union of Indigenous Entrepreneurs Guatemala, the Government of Guatemala, national and international companies socially responsible and visionary and renowned institutions, from and are actively working to ensure the success of this great event.

The launch was attended by Members of the Diplomatic Corps, State Officials, Business leaders from the various chambers and trade, Indigenous Leaders Entrepreneurs and media, who welcomed this initiative that puts Guatemala in the eyes of the world, being the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to host the forum.

Don Tomas Calvo top official national indigenous, He thanked God for this unique opportunity to Guatemala to move towards the Development of Indigenous Peoples. He said of the opportunity we have in the new era, seize on Jun Akabal of teamwork as a nation to prosperity.

During the event the Vice President of ILDII, Barb Hamblenton, stated that "the best way to combat exclusion and racism indigenous peoples it is incorporating development, leverage their ideas and entrepreneurship ". Luis Tepeu, president of the Union of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, stressed the importance of this event for the Guild and indigenous people of our country, to exploit our natural resources and lower levels of social conflict.

Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports, said "Guatemala is a country with a great cultural and natural wealth, we must focus on what unites us, to achieve their development over 33,000 communities ".

Fernando López , President of Chamber of Industry of Guatemala, emphasized "the importance of supporting indigenous communities to promote the development of the country," stressed that "Guatemalans are entrepreneurial, Visionaries, creative and productive, so it is important that socially responsible companies support entrepreneurship at all levels ".

They reaffirmed the Government's commitment to work with indigenous peoples to promote development, exploiting technologies, opportunities and great potentials representing rural areas in the country, attract investment and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

To date, delegations of indigenous peoples in Canada, U.S., Australia, Peru and around the world have confirmed their attendance. In this 5th edition worldwide and first in the Latin America and the Caribbean, expect participants from over 50 countries.

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