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The Maya World Collapses, theme of the Seventh World Convention

Tomas Barrientos, arqueólogo de  la Universidad  del Valle comentó sobre los colapsos de los mayas.

Tomas Barrientos, archaeologist at the University of Valle commented on the collapse of the Maya.

The Maya World Collapses theme of the Seventh World Convention of Mayan Archaeology 2014 which will be held in the city of Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, the 13 to the 15 June, with the participation of 19 national and international speakers.

The activity is an initiative of Rosendo Morales, Producer, Creator and Founder. The Ministry of Culture and Sports, via the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, supported and is part of these World Convention of Mayan Archaeology, working together for the promotion and preservation of cultural and natural heritage of Guatemala.

Speakers will include Drs: Rudd Van Akkeren, Richard Hansen, Arthur Demarest, Alejandro Morales, Sergio Romero, Tomas Barrientos, Mark Van Stone, Marcello Canuto, Francisco Estrada-Belli y Donald Forsyth. The specialists Miguel Orrego, Carlos Morales Aguilar, Melanie Forné, Nice Liwy, Romelia Mó Isém, Matilde Ivic Monterroso, Christa slide, Stanley Guenter y Mary Lou Ridinger.

The themes of the conference will be: The collapse of the Mayan world, the vrs Mayan languages. "The collapse of the Maya world", myths of collapse, War in the Late Post-Classic Maya collapse and the last, inter alia.

During the convention there will be documentaries, exhibition of paintings and art in wood. Also, four workshops for 80 children about conservation of cultural and natural heritage of Guatemala, Environment and History of the Maya Civilization, Crafts and Maya Writing.

With these activities, Guatemala disclosed at national and international level, the importance of the Mayan culture.

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