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Lot of 9 Attachments to Vessel.


Theft Report.


Date of Theft: 12 April 2005.

Place of Theft: Vasija.Mixco Old Archaeological Site, Municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango Department, Guatemala.

Object Type: Attachments to Vessel.

Matterthe: Ceramics.

Technique: Modeled.

Title: Lot of 9 Attachments to Vessel.

Dimensions: See Description.

Period: Postclassic (900-1524 d.C.)

Author: Cultura Maya

DESCRIPTION: Lot nine attachments shaped vessel feline head; all in something like a loop. Marked "a", “b”, “d”, "H" and "i" are bicromos (red, cream). Those marked "d", "G" and "i" to rattle and the following dimensions: part "to" high 6.0 cms., width 4.7 cms.; piece "b" alto 5.1 cms., width 8.0 cms.; Part "c" high 7.0 cms., width 6.2 cms.; pieza "d" high 5.8 cms., width 4.7 cms.; pieza "and" high 6.1 cms., width 5.8 cms.; pieza "f" high 3.7 cms., width 5.5 cms.; pieza "g" high 6.5 cms., width 7.3 cms.; piece "h" high 7.1 cms., width 7.9 cms.; pieza "i" high 6.5 cms., width 6.7 cms.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports. Registration No. “a” – “i”.


Theft Report No. 82

Register of Cultural Property, Unit Prevention of Illicit Traffic of Cultural Heritage.


Phone (502) 2426-0718.


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