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Sacred Places


Among the cultural policies issued by the National Congress of Cultural Policies and Sport held in Antigua Guatemala in April of the year 2000, highlights the Cultural Politics of Sustainable Peace and Human Development, by which actions to guide the consolidation of a culture of peace, values ​​based on activities and built by Guatemalan society, through recognition dela multiculturalism and build relationships, to face and overcome difficulties and generates a forward-looking development

The same shall strengthen peaceful coexistence and intercultural, by sociocultural exchange, respect for differences and appreciation of creativity, social organization, community values, the links between humans and between humans and nature, in the context of a long-term action in favor of peace and sustainable development.

Within the policy of Protection and Preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage considers the concept of Cultural Heritage as a set of tangible and intangible evidence of the different cultures in the country. In this regard, will intensify collection efforts, safeguard, revitalization and dissemination of the assets of which are part of different forms of traditional cultural expression, monuments and visual works, plastic and stage.

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