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Mother Earth and Indigenous Peoples, X conference theme it


With the goal of creating a country fair, with stability conditions, welfare and peaceful relations for the four people who coexist in Guatemala, opened this day Tenth Maya Studies, with a Mayan ceremony at the archaeological site Kaminaljuyu. The three-day program activity includes forums, panels and conferences.

The organizers are the universities of San Carlos of Guatemala USAC, Rafael Country Ivar URL, del Valle UVG, Francisco Marroquín PLFM Linguistic Project, Oxlajuj Ajpop, Documentation and Research Centre and CEDIM Maya Academy of Mayan Languages ​​of Guatemala ALMG.

Also the Presidential Commission against Discrimination and Racism against Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala CODISRA, FODIGUA Indigenous Development Fund, UNESCO Chair and the Ministry of Culture and Sports MCD.


The conference theme for this year is "New Cycle: Mother Earth and Indigenous Peoples ". Paul Ixmatá the URL and a member of the organizing committee, said the goal is the study and analysis of various issues of national life and its inhabitants. Also, seeks to contribute to the unification and strengthening of the cultures of the four villages representing Guatemala.

Inaugural Lecture

We conducted the inaugural "State of the bills in favor of Indigenous Peoples in the Congress", Deputy by Amilcar Pop, who stressed the need for laws to foster the development of the whole population, without discrimination.

It also held the first forum entitled "Sacred Places", in which the panelists emphasized the current problems related to the adoption of the Law to Protect the Holy Places. They stressed that the MCD, should be the entity to support the passage of this bill in Congress.


These activities, open to the public at no cost, will be performed in the event center Ariana House (area 9), from today from the 14 hours and days 13 and 14 August 8 a 17 Hrs.

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