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Master Ernesto ENAP Boesche of change makes Rose of Peace

On the occasion of the celebration of 93 anniversary of the founding of the National School of Plastic Arts (ENAP) "Rafael Rodríguez Padilla", in the Patio of Peace National Palace of Culture, Change was held on the Rose of Peace.

cambio de la rosa enap030

This time the person designated to make the change was the master Ernesto Boesche, for his long and distinguished career in teaching and teacher of drawing and painting. Boesche Master was very grateful for the honor bestowed, and stressed the importance of the arts in building a culture of peace.

The event was chaired by Deputy Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax, who also congratulate the Master Boesche for his career and the authorities of the ENAP for the anniversary of the School, said that to achieve peace in the country are not needed more military or police academies but more importantly open art schools.

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Also present managing director Otto ENAP Arana and artistic director Amparo Toledo, who thanked the distinction. The event was music by a musical group comprised of teachers from the National Conservatory of Music "Germán Alcántara", directed by the Master and Artistic Director of Conservatory Mr. Vinicio Quezada.

The ENAP was founded in 1920 and is named after its first director Rafael Rodríguez Padilla Master. It is the only public school specializing in art education and visual arts is part of the Artistic Training Department of the Directorate General of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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