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Organization and Functions Manual


To continue the process of strengthening and institutional development, was updating two fundamental instruments being these, Domestic Organic Regulation and Organization and Functions Manual. Updating latter document, required the analysis and redefinition of strategic areas of the organizational structure, and the functions assigned to certain departments within the organization of the Ministry, thereby strengthening in each, the ability to implement the provisions of the structure of the proposed methodology for implementation Plan, This is based on the definition of eight domains recognizing them as "... areas, universes or social action spaces which can be divided social universe in which there may be changes led to integral human development of the country ", these are the following:

  1. Legal sphere
  2. Scope of citizenship
  3. Scope of the state
  4. Scope of thought
  5. Scope equity
  6. Scope of leisure
  7. Scope of communication
  8. Scope of the economy
Manual content is a description of its objectives, legal basis, the overall organizational structure of the Ministry. In order to provide guidance and clarity to the user's manual, regarding the organization and functioning of the Ministry, administrative elements are included with your eyesight, mission, beginning, purpose, cultural policies and strategies and sports; well describes the fields contained in the National Development Plan Long Term Cultural. The substantive component of the Manual is the description of the functions of the Ministry, well as specific technical and administrative units that make up your organization.

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