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María del Carmen Escobar, an artist of the lyrics and the stage

María del Carmen Escobar. (Foto tomada de teatristaschapines.blogspot)

María del Carmen Escobar. (Photo taken teatristaschapines.blogspot)

The Ministry of Culture and Sports openly rejects any criminal act that undermines the integrity of Guatemalans and especially the artistic and literary guild, occurred as the last 29 September, which unfortunately killed María del Carmen Escobar, who in life was a reference Guatemalan art and literature.

María del Carmen Escobar (1934 – 2014) It was a Guatemalan writer and actress since early bent for acting and writing. He stressed on stage for his involvement in numerous plays, among which "The people of the loft", and "social heritage".

On the other hand, also dabbled in the literary, where he won several awards in various literary competitions, among which the "Contest Central Floral Games in editions of 1961, 1962, 1963, 1988 and 1989, by their works "Poor beggar pooch", "Rest in peace", inter.

His books and short stories published the novel "49 cents of happiness" are mentioned, "In the forest there were no flowers", and "Shelf old stories", the latter is a collection of short stories from all 1954 up 2002, inter alia.

Due to the quality of its publications received several honorable mentions in literary contests in the early 80. That note is that several of his publications has been the theater scene, including "Promise", "People in the loft", "Social heritage", inter.

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