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Marimba Concert Fine Arts will anniversary

One of the most representative of the Guatemalan culture institutions constitutes the Marimba Concert Fine Arts, Founded in 1979 and that the next 3 May is celebrating its 35 anniversary. In his journey he has undertaken various activities related to the dissemination, promotion, research and promotion of the Guatemalan marimba.

To date, have been many places visited by this entity, on four continents: America, Asia, Europa y África, putting up the name of Guatemala and having traveled so unusual or important places like Greece, Egypt, Cuba, Japan and Finland, inter alia.

In the thirty countries where it has been presented, The Marimba Concert Fine Arts has had unprecedented success, special because it happens to be Guatemalan music mysticism, jocosidad the melancholy, repertoire as interpreted.

His work is so extensive, has virtually visited most of towns in Guatemala, as well as rural villages and hamlets, where music is carried as a high carat value.

The concert marimba ensemble is an art show that makes Guatemalans feel proud of being born in a land with invaluable cultural and natural diversity. All this has influenced countless musical compositions of the great musicians and national marimbistas, inspiration being the light that has illuminated the path of national identity.

Declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation

For his commendable work in spreading the Guatemalan musical culture, Marimba Concert Fine Arts was declared the "Cultural Patrimony of the Nation" in 1992. His act endorses this title with various projects, such as the implementation of the National Institute and the National School Marimba Marimba.

Also, has contributed to the development of methodology for the teaching and learning of the Guatemalan marimba, in musical research, publication of books and pamphlets on the history, evolution and origin of the marimba, countless professional recordings, workshops and conferences, inter alia.

The arrangements and musical montages, treatment with a new scholastic, give a special concert for Marimba touch of Fine Arts and is emerging as the oldest institution marimbistico events concerning the projection of concert music high level.


Now, Marimba Concert of Fine Arts presents a new musical repertoire, multifaceted and different, as a sign of cultural kaleidoscope depicting this magical country where we live: Guatemala immortal. Also, invited works from various countries of the world are now in the marimba, an effective way to ring in harmony, as if heavenly music.

Because of their XXXV Anniversary, Marimba Concert Fine Arts Gala held two concerts to expose new music concert repertoire. The first presentation will be held on 3 May, to 16:00 pm in the Auditorium of the National Conservatory of Music, 3ª. By. 4-61 area 1 and the second concert will be held in the Fine Arts Theatre, to 16:00 hours, located on Avenida Elena 14-75 area 1. Admission to the concerts will be free.

More information to Phone 2253-4853 or email: marimbabellasartes@hotmail.com.

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