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Concert Marimba Fine Arts

Created when the Directorate General of Culture and Fine Arts belonged to the Ministry of Education. Under the initiative of Master Lester Godinez, its first Music Director and Professor Ruben Alfonso Ramirez, who served as Director General of the administrative agency authorized its operation from 1 May 1979. Its founders were members: Othniel Godinez (Assistant manager), Alfonso Bautista Vasquez, Roberto Garcia, Amilcar Gérman Corzo, Manuel Toribio, Fidel Funes, Mario Vasquez and Erick Bautista Cámbara Godoy.

As musical entity its primary functions were originally developed where marimba auditions had a special place as "concert instrument" as opposed to other groups and organized, and dances accompany Modern and Folkloric Ballet.

In 1991, takes the address set the Master Alfonso Bautista, giving a new twist to the projection of this musical group. During this effort it makes the Concert Marimba is recognized as "National Cultural Heritage" through Legislative Decree No.. 24-92 of Congress.

Currently also make Amauri Teacher Angel (Assistant manager), Luis Francisco Linares, Arael Osorio Matta, Maximiliano Boche Sources, José Domingo Velasquez, Mario Bautista Vasquez, José Armando Ajuchán, Ordonez Gérman Lemus, Victor Hugo Maldonado and Alex Job Sis. The Concert Marimba has performed over 20 musical productions (cassettes, vinyl records and CDs), thereby enriching the musical repertoire for marimba, through compilations, new arrangements, original creations collection of songs representing Guatemala, without missing the work of the great masters of world music.

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