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Concert Marimba National Palace of Culture

To celebrate National Marimba, around 200 students of educational institutions attended the National Palace of Culture, Monday 20 February. The Concert Marimba this cultural site ran a repertoire that included academic music, Guatemalan folk music and marimba ensemble with saxophones.


The Director General of the Arts, who also directs this set marimbistico historical features mentioned on the origin of the instrument and how it is adapted to our country. During his speech said that it is possible to interpret any musical genre that became the first musical instrument world's collective.

The Deputy Minister of Culture, Yax Leandro expressed his satisfaction with the group of students who attended the event. He stressed the transcendental aspects of the historical value of the marimba in our country and how young people strengthen their cultural traits with attending these events.

About an hour long concert was witnessed also the general public and journalists. The Marimba Day was established in 1999 and declared a national symbol alongside the likes of the Monja Blanca and Tecum Uman, of whom also celebrated her day on this date.

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