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Women Marimba Concerto

It was created in 1992 by Professor Amparo Torres Arana, and has since participated in various cultural activities, concerts and recitals. Also, has joined concert marimba ensembles, both within the country and abroad.
In 2001, nine years after its founding, promoted the creation of the Women's Concert Marimba Ixoquib 'AJQ' Ojomab, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Agreement as 131-2002, issued by the ministry, and was the first group of its kind.
His repertoire ranges, mainly, are different manifestations of the Guatemalan, así as popular music, academic and symphonic. So far he has recorded three CDs with national and international music, and the quality of his work has been honored with several awards for cultural institutions, among which:


Artist of the Year Award (28 October 2002, Cultural Association Laparra Vicenta de la Cerda)
Platelet and hormigo tree given to the founder and director of the Marimba (25 June 2005, Forest Sound of hormigo)
Platelet and tree hormigo No. 100, awarded to the group in question (2 October 2005, Forest Sound of hormigo)
His work has been disseminated within and outside the country, concerts and recitals that encourage Guatemalans identity by reaching, knowledge and appreciation of cultural values. Also, highlights the historical importance of women, promotes coexistence of genres for the exaltation of the spirit and strengthens the intangible heritage of the nation.

Throughout his career, this entity has organized musical events of great significance, as the International Marimba Festival Female (2004 and 2006), with the participation of groups of Mexico and the United States. In 2006 instituted the award "hormigo Harmony", which recognizes the promotion, manufacturing, interpretation and everything related to the marimba in our country.

Has participated in numerous cultural activities, projected primarily within Guatemala. It has also promoted the integration of women in various departments marimbas. Currently working on the project of National Marimba Competition School, and this has called for schools across republic, in order to discover new values ​​in performance and composition.

Since its inception, the address of the entity is in charge of teacher Byron Eduardo Santizo, musician and composer with extensive experience in the national.



Amparo Santizo Arana
Claudia Karina Segura
Heidi Elena Corzo
Odilia Jerez de Guzman
Waleska Siekavizza Rojas
Mirna Gómez de Tinti
Clara Luz Garcia-Salas Juarez
Patricia Santizo Urízar
Evelyn Godinez Orozco
Vivian Arana de Monzón
Siomara Esther Castellanos
Jesica Martinez Lemus
Byron Eduardo Santizo (director)

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