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Ministry trains cultural managers

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Photo: MCD Archive

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures, conducted a technical training for developers, cultural managers and team from the Office of Citizen Participation in this portfolio, with the aim of strengthening the implementation of the actions of MCD. The activity was held last 31 August and 01 July in a hotel in the area 1.

This training was developed by Irma Yolanda Sincal, the -DGDCFC- and seeks to educate and inform developers and / or managers of culture, from various departments, on issues related to citizen participation and cultural management, gender equity and social inclusion.

The role of each of the cultural promoters is vital to propose solutions to the problems facing society in the cultural theme, this, within a framework of cooperation between state and citizens.

In addition, this meeting point generated an exchange of ideas and experiences among the different participants, to strengthen the work that each of the cultural managers, done inside the country.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and of Cultural and National Sports Policy; staff training should be an ongoing process, so that the quality of the processes in the delivery of services provided is guaranteed.

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