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Ministry of Culture and Sports created the Council for the Arts

Ballet Nacional de Guatemala
Ballet Nacional de Guatemala

The creation of the Council for the Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports was established by the Ministerial Agreement No. 562-2016, which it was published on Friday 27 July in the Official Journal.

La función de este Consejo será brindar asesoría a la Dirección General de las Artes en el diseño de políticas, strategies and actions to encourage and promote the study, dissemination and production of artworks. It shall consist of eleven members.

By the portfolio will participate the Deputy Minister of Culture (who will chair), the Director General of the Arts, and heads of departments Creation Support, Artistic Research and Artistic Training. These people have a voice in the deliberations of the Council.

According to the agreement, Private sector members will also be part of this committee. It will be taken into account renowned artists developed in music, theater, literature and text editing, visual arts, dance, media arts and integrated arts. The latter will have a voice, but not vote in the decisions made.

The Deputy Minister of Culture Max Araujo said that this advisory body will be a link with civil society. "We will invite renowned people, experience and capacity of the artistic world to lend its support and recommendations ", afirma.

According to Araujo, this figure is not new to the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Hasta la fecha se encuentran integrados los Consejos del Centro Cultural “Miguel Ángel Asturias”; the Research Council for the Arts and Letters Advisory Council, which, according to the deputy minister they have obtained good results.

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