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Ministry of Culture and Sports created the Carlos Mérida Award

Con el Ministerial Agreement No. 12-2016, published in the Official Journal, the Ministry of Culture and Sports -MCD- establishes the "Carlos Merida" Award, which will be delivered to individuals, developed in the arts and have made contributions for the art and culture of the country.

Culture is an important part of development for Guatemala, and encourage, develop and promote the arts, It encourages people to continue the work of enhancing the country's name.

El Premio se entregará anualmente y se realizará una convocatoria en el mes de junio, through the Directorate General of Arts MDC, also, the winner will be awarded a certificate and an acknowledgment of Q50, 000.00.

Participants may be nominated by any individual or legal person or institutions, It must also be accompanied by a brief description of the nominee. El jurado calificador está integrado por personas de reconocido prestigio y conocedoras del tema quienes tendrán a su cargo seleccionar a la persona ganadora.

Biografía Carlos Mérida

Carlos Mérida nació en la Ciudad de Guatemala en 1891, fue un pintor guatemalteco reconocido a nivel internacional, he worked with the Italian painter and sculptor Modigliani and related to Pablo Picasso. One of his most important works is in the Palacio Municipal de Guatemala, a glass mosaic (Mestizo of Guatemala).

As well as, important works in Mexico and the United States, In 1965 he received the gold medal of the Directorate General of Culture and Fine Arts in Guatemala, and in 1980 “The Aztec Eagle” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

He died in the year 1984 in Mexico City 21 December.

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