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Ministry of Culture and Sports awarded the National Prize for Literature David Unger

On Friday night 31 October, David Unger's name was inscribed in the cultural memory of Guatemala, to be invested with the National Prize for Literature “Miguel Angel Asturias” 2014. The ceremony was held at the Chamber Theatre “Hugo Carrillo” Cultural Center, chaired by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi, General Director of Arts, Lucy Weapons and Chief Editorial Culture, Francisco Morales Santos.

Recognition Unger was enacted by the Advisory Council of the Arts, comprising officials from the Directorate General of Arts and Guatemalan artists.

The opening ceremony was conducted by writer Jose Luis Perdomo. In his dissertation he dedicated a space to exalt the figure of Miguel Angel Asturias anecdotes related to the Nobel Literature Prize, then it will be delivered in 1967. And the embroidery, recognized the importance of the presence of the Minister Pezzarossi, and the interest shown in attending events like this.

Later, Editorial Chief Culture, Francisco Morales Santos read the Governmental Agreement 728-2014 that supports the delivery of the Prize. Master Morales Santos said the reasons for the decision to recognize Unger took this recognition.

Then, Pezzarossi Minister presented the parchment certifying the award, and the medal with the effigy of Miguel Angel Asturias Nobel Prize. In the speech delivered, The official said the Ministry is obliged to recognize the work of local artists. “Today the Master Unger joins the select group of writers from 1988 have been enrolled in the cultural memory of the country. Today's publication by Editorial Culture of 'For me it also makes, you're divine ', which is part of the publishing catalog Ministry”, He said the official.

After the session, Unger said his expressions on the recognition gained tonight. The winner had close experiences with Asturias in childhood. Then he spoke of his departure to Chicago, United States of America, and life in the country. Unger stated that, despite its foreign residence, has been linked to his homeland, surplus which wrote his masterpieces.

Together with parchment certifying the award, Unger received an award in cash and publication of his work “For me, are Divine”, Editorial by Culture.

The event ended with a musical presentation by Marimba Concert Fine Arts.

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